Scottish Information Commissioner says FOI should be extended to private companies under public contracts

The Scottish Information Commissioner has said Freedom of Information laws should be extended to private companies who work under public contracts. 

STV report:

Freedom of information (FOI) laws should be extended to private companies contracted to provide public services, the Scottish Information Commissioner has said.

Such a move will ensure accountability and transparency where large sums of taxpayers’ money are involved, Rosemary Agnew said.

The Scottish Government recently passed FOI legislation, updating existing laws with measures such as removing the royal exemption.

You can read the full story here. 

Matt Burgess

Matt is a digital journalist, freelancer and is writing a book on the Freedom of Information Act for journalists. He runs this site in his spare time aiming to help raise awareness of the Freedom of Information Act and its uses. He can be found tweeting @mattburgess1.

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